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Building Small Groups & Communities 

Building Small Groups & Communities 


Building Small Groups & Communities 

Gary will discuss all the essential information and details necessary to start Small Group Bible Study and Discipleship Programs within your Church Community. The presentation will include the step-by-step process needed to develop a complete small group program from scratch. This includes everything from resources for Study content, building a team to promote the program, to hands-on facilitator training. The presentation can be offered as a multiple session "in stages" program to grow with the needs of the Parish.

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Gary had an awakening of his Faith in his mid-twenty's and began a passionate journey to learn anything and everything there was to know about the Bible and Gods plan for our lives. A deep involvement in his church community led him to continually be involved in numerous Bible studies, Men's Groups, Home Study Small Groups and even very large interdenominational Bible Studies. 

He brings with him the excitement and experience of being a part of small group studies and discipleship programs for over 15 years. He taps into this experience to help Churches and groups experience the depth and fellowship that comes from small group discipleship.