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Spreading The Gospel in Public Setting  

Spreading The Gospel in Public Setting  


Spreading The Gospel in Public Setting  

In this exciting presentation, Gary presents his story of how, in the midst of operating a store for 20 years in an extremely secularized world of a public MALL, Gary took on the challenge to be a light in a dark place and began an extraordinary effort to Evangelize the crazy "Mall World", one customer at a time. His presentation will discuss the many Do's & Don'ts of Evangelizing in a public setting. He covers many ways to simply and comfortably talk about and share the Faith with complete stranger. He shares the story of developing an entire line of Christian Evangelization products, with the support of customers, and boldly displayed them for all to see, critique and question his intentions. The results, feedback and stories from this bold move will inspire everyone to begin a life of purposeful Evangelization.s.   



After years of operating in the Mall and being spiritually drained day in and day out from the negative environment, we began to pray for God to move us out of the Mall and away from such an Un-Christian and even Anti-Christian atmosphere. God had other plans and we remained. Uncertain of God's plan, we continued to look for ways to be a "Light" in a dark place.

 With lots of thoughts and guidance by the Holy Spirit, we began to develop a line of Bible Verse T-Shirts that would inspire us to be a "Light" in a dark place and give us and others the hope and strength to evangelize this culturally dark environment.

As the Bible Verse T-Shirts were designed and produced, we displayed them in our storefront glass window for all passer-bys to see and read. With all credit and Glory to God, the response was amazing. The Evangelization of this dark place had begun.

With a new fire for Spreading the Gospel, fueled by customer affirmation and demand, we expanded the line to include Bible Verse Car Decals and License Plates. Now customers could Spread the Gospel and Evangelize with their cars while driving around town. "Street Evangelization" had taken on a whole new form.


We saw firsthand how powerful and encouraging God's Holy Gospel could be when displayed in a public Mall with 12 Million visitors annually. This sparked us to officially launch a grass roots campaign to "Evangelize and Spread the Gospel... One Shirt, Car Decal and License Plate at a time. 

We now distribute a complete line of Bible Verse Shirts, Car Decals and Plates; making them available wholesale to Gift Shops, Bookstores and Organizations, Churches and Schools.

We hope that everyone will join in to Evangelize and be inspired when they see how the power of God's Word, when simply and publicly displayed, can provide Hope for all who read it.