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Gary K.Padilla - Speaker - Founder

 A cradle Catholic, Gary fell away from the Faith in his mid-twenty's and spent 15 years in various Protestant Churches. During this time he became a Protestant Deacon and was deeply involved in numerous Protestant Bible study's and Home Study Small Groups. During this time in the "Protestant World" he also became a Children's program director, VBS Coordinator and even a drummer for a praise and worship band.

Then while attending a service at a local "Bible Church", the Ex-Catholic Pastor made an inappropriate statement about Transubstantiation. A spontaneous and profoundly spiritual sequence took place that launched Gary's journey, as well as his wife Kristi's, back to the Catholic Church. After about a year of intense study and a "Roller Coaster Ride" of events that took place, back and forth from Protestant to Catholic... Gary, his Convert Wife and all his 5 children settled into there final home, The Catholic Church.

Upon returning home to The Church, Gary helped start a men's group committed to making God and the Catholic Faith a priority in their lives. The group was dedicated to helping men grow in their passion for the Catholic Faith.

This Men's Group became the original planning committee that organized and launched the first ever Southwest Catholic Mens Conference for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, "Men Under Construction". The event was organized under the direction of the Arch Bishop of Santa Fe Michael J Sheehan, and Mnsgr Raun, the Pastor of the largest Parish in New Mexico. In addition to planning each years event, Gary also has also been a presenter as well as Master of,Ceremonies for the entire event. The conference is now in it's 12th year and has changed the lives of thousands of men.

After hearing of Gary's Journey through the Protestant World and back to Catholicism, Archbishop Michael J Sheehan. gave Gary the specific task to find and bring home as many Ex-Catholics as he could that he encountered during his time as a "Protestant", A task that Gary has taken to heart and followed passionately ever since. 

Gary has now on the staff of Emmaus Journey Ministry. EJ is a lay Catholic Evangelization and discipleship ministry whose mission is to walk the Emmaus Journey (Lk 24:13) with Churches, organizations and individuals, building small group programs that will train up missionary disciples to actively live for Christ and share Christs message with others. 

As part of He is also constantly evangelizing fallen away Catholics in order to bring them home to the One, Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church! 

God Bless,

Gary K. Padilla