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Fr. Scott Mansfield, Robert DePasquale, Gary Padilla and Tony Wilimitis discuss:

  • What the Catholic Church actually teaches about Historic Christianity.
  • The Historic background and teachings of the Early Church Fathers.
  • The Biblical references and historic support of Catholic Church teachings 
  • What many contemporary non-denominational churches "think" Catholics teach about Christianity
  • The non-historic teachings of many non-denominational churches.
  • By what Authority the Catholic Church teaches -vs- the authority that non-denominational churches teach.
  • The lacking Biblical support of the Protestant teachings on Salvation by Faith Alone (Sola Fide')
  • The non-Biblical teaching that the Bible (Sola Sciptura) is the sole authoritative teaching document on all Christian beliefs.
  • AND Much... Much... More!  

"What's the Catholic Beef on...?

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 1 - INTRODUCTION

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 2 - BAPTISM (Part 1)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 6BAPTISM (Part 2)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 3 - CONFESSION (Part 1)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 4 - CONFESSION (Part 2)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 5 - CONFESSION (Part 3)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 7 - EUCHARIST (Part 1)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 8 - EUCHARIST (Part 2)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 9 - EUCHARIST (Part 3)

the-catholic-beef-2.pngEpisode 10 - EUCHARIST (Part 4)

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